Propane Camp Stove

Whether you are a camping enthusiast or simply someone wishing to be prepared for power outages during the winter, a portable stove may be the answer to simplifying and enhancing your cooking experience. A propane camp stove provides an excellent means by which to quickly heat food, especially when electricity and other heat sources are unavailable. The ease of propane fuel purchase along with the economical choice of a propane stove has given reason for many people to purchase individual units for themselves or larger units to heat food for the entire family.

So, what is propane and why is it so useful as a cooking fuel? The convenience of the fuel is greater than that of other fuels. Unlike pressurized liquid fuel stoves, propane stoves need no priming due to the fact propane is naturally in a gaseous state at room temperature. The gas is easily compressed into the form of a liquid and injected into a small metal container for use with a stove. Once the gas is released, it returns to its natural gaseous form, which happens to be the most efficient form in which any fuel burns. A propane stove can be easily lit after less than one minute of assembly due to the convenience of the pressurized fuel container. There is no pouring of liquid fuel and no risk of soaking down camping or hiking equipment with errant spills.

Also important to keep in mind is the fact that propane canisters are easily found at retail outlets around the country. Whether your need is a small container or a larger refillable container, you will be able to easily find propane suppliers. As a matter of fact, many people have turned to using propane for outdoor grilling at home due to its ease of use and purchase. Once purchased, smaller containers can also be stored for extended periods of time in dry conditions and can be used years later in any propane camp stove in the future. If for example you bought a canister five years ago only to store the item in your basement, you will find that once the power goes out during the next winter storm it's still ready for use; there is no expiration for propane gas as a fuel. This cannot always be said for liquid fuels used in some camping stoves.

Propane stoves also provide an even source of heating, with most stoves equipped with burners that have small openings that evenly disperse the fuel, allowing fast heating. As many campers can attest to, wood-burning fires and some liquid-fueled stoves fail to provide even heating, causing cooking to become more of a chore than necessary. The reason for a better heating experience with propane has more to do with the air-to-fuel ratio that is allowed in a propane camp stove. Because propane is naturally a gas, it mixes well with other gases including oxygen. This blending of the fuel with oxygen allows for a more even, complete burning than is seen with some other forms of fuel. When a propane stove is working properly, a clean-burning blue flame is produced, indicating the release of only carbon dioxide and water. The cleaner a fuel burns, the more efficient the fuel. The more efficient the fuel, the better experience had by all when warming a meal at their campsite on a cool autumn night. Without a doubt, propane stoves provide a convenience admired by campers and hikers around the world.


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